Extreme Idealism and Equilibrium in the Hotelling–Downs Model of Political Competition.
Public Choice, Vol. 176 (3), 389-403, 2018.

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Journal of Mathematical Psychology (5-year IF: 3), Vol. 81, 11-27, 2017.
[Data, do & m files]

On the Motivations for the Dual-Use of Electronic and Traditional Cigarettes; with Daniel Sgroi, commissioned by the Warwick Policy Lab.
Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 25 (12), 830-834, 2017.

Working Papers

A Theory of Stable Price Dispersion; with David Myatt.
Working Paper, 2019.

Competing Sales Channels
; w
ith Greg Taylor.
Working Paper, 2018; this version, 2019.

Working Paper, 2018.
[AEA RCT pre-trial registration; experimental instructions]

Price Comparison Websites.
Working Paper,
 2015; this version, 2019. 
[The Economist; Financial TimesThe Conversation; BBC Radio 4Press Release]
Work in Progress

Listing Prominence and Consumer Search; with David Myatt.

The Only Dance in Town: Unique Equilibrium in a Generalized Model of Price Competition; with
Johannes Johnen.

Subjective Probability and Prizes; with Roberto Veneziani and Bill Zame.

Evaluating the Sunk-Cost Effect; with Daniel Sgroi and Anthony Tuckwell.